Larry K. Matthews, Account provides to their clients a wide variety of booking, accounting and tax services. Click one of the following selectors for more information about services we provide.

Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Larry K. Matthews, Accountant will take your checkbooks, receipts and other pertinent documents and create financial transactions for a state of the art small business accounting system. You will receive from Larry K. Matthews, Accountant reports and documents that provide you with accurate and concise information about your company finances, account balances and the "warm fuzzy feeling" that management of your company finances are in the best possible hands.

Should you be running a version of Intuit's QuickBooks (or certain other popular small business accounting software), you will provide to Larry K. Matthews, Accountant a copy of your company file. You will receive a set of concise reports and a set of journal entries required to correct errors posted to your software.

Small Business Accounting

Accounting for small businesses is defined as …a business's bookkeeping system that tracks the money coming in versus the money going out!

Every business owner has a deep desire to stay in business! That being the case, there are 2 key reasons for having good bookkeeping and accounting systems.

  1. It's legally required
  2. Financial reports generated by bookkeeping and accounting systems are great business planning tools
A good small business accounting philosophy will allow the business owner to run his or her business proactively when it comes to making financial decisions.

Larry K. Matthews, Accountant will provide to you financial information that is

  1. accurate
  2. relevant
  3. user friendly

Larry K. Matthews, Accountant will provide to you reports necessary to make company financial decisions, forms required by Federal and State governments and corporate reports required by various states.

Individual State and Federal Income Taxes

Tax laws are constantly changing. Laws were still being passed and forms being developed in 2013 after individuals started filing their 2012 returns.

Personal tax preparation begins with efficient tax planning and cries for expert preparation because of the complex and changing laws.

We provide personal tax preparation and planning for all levels of complexity.  Whether you're working,have a "sideline business" or retired -- relying on Social Security and investment income -- our team will take the necessary time to learn about your specific needs.   When considering personal tax issues, its very important to plan and to know how your decisions effect your tax burden.  We are here to provide the planning and education necessary to minimize this liability.

Business State and Federal Tax Preparation

Today's economy and lack of "real jobs" has forced many people to either start part-time companies to provide income required by their household or to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit and branch out on their own as a sole proprietor, Subchapter S, LLC or "C" corporation. People who are serious about their businesses should consider enlisting services of an attorney and an accountant to ensure accuracy of their records, that reports and forms are submitted on time and that numbers submitted to the IRS and other governing agencies are correct.

Represent Clients With Internal Revenue Services

God forbid that you ever get the dreaded "you are being audited" letter from the IRS. The letter, while ominous in an of itself does not guarantee that you will wind up owing a lot of money. That result is more likely if you go into the audit without solid and accurate documentation and without the assistant of someone authorized to represent you to the IRS. That's exactly where Larry K. Matthews, Accountant comes into play -- we are Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Please feel free to contact us for any information about any of these services.